Once we understand how resonance and thoughts influence existence within and without, greater things can happen.

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We are living in a world where we're continually being subjected to different levels and forms of suffering and have come to accept this as the norm. There are now more maladies that threaten your life than you can remember, more prolonged sorrows than burst of happiness and more hatred being spread than love to soak in.

I believe our lifestyle is not in accordance with the laws of the universe, that we're trying to swim against the current.

Nikola Tesla said if you want to understand the universe, then think in terms of energy, frequencies and vibrations. However not many people want to understand physics let alone anything which is greater than their social group or interests. Whether you want to believe or not is irrelevant because at the end of the day, frequencies and vibrations are the foundation of all matter and anti-matter.

Sometimes you meet people who are very charismatic and they instantly uplift your energy and enhance your mood while other times you encounter people with bad auras and you may not understand it well but you know you don't feel good/comfortable around them.

The human body is said to have a frequency of between 62-78MHz but when you've caught a cold/flu, your frequency goes down to 57-60MHz. You can place rose/lavender essential oil in a diffuser in your house and that can raise your frequency. I'm not asking you to inhale rose oil when you're sick but I'm trying to explain how different frequencies affect you through resonance.

My main research is resonance through sound as you can easily feel the vibrations but I also invest time in looking at other ways to raise our own frequencies through exercise, nutrition and meditation.

By understanding how our bodies respond to different frequencies & vibrations, we can self-heal ourselves of any ailments (depression/cancerous diseases) and can affect the lives of other people in a positive way.

Everything is Connected - (
Shattering cancer with resonant frequencies -
Music Medicine: Sound At A Cellular Level -

Above are some Youtube videos I recommend you watching.


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